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Miles Morales Spider-Man #21 Skottie Young Variant (2024)

Miles Morales Spider-Man #21 Skottie Young Variant (2024)

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Comic Script by:  Cody Ziglar
Illustrated by:  Daniel  Picciotto, Brent Peeples
Cover Design or Artwork by:  Skottie Young

BLOOD HUNT TIE-IN: THE ENDLESS NIGHT! Endless hordes of bloodsucking vampires ravage the Earth beneath pitch-black skies of Earth’s last night! But vampire-slayer BLADE has a plan, and his only hope for victory rests with MILES MORALES! But Blade’s mission comes with a cost – one SPIDER-MAN may be unwilling to pay!

Rated T/ 32 Pages

In Store 6/12/2024